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Life can be daunting, overwhelming, even frightening. Tolkien is renowned for stating that fantasy stories can be a necessary escape from ‘real life’, fortifying us for the hard times ahead. I write fiction for teens and adults who are longing for the type of escape that only a good story can provide. I hope you’ll join me on these adventures, emerging refreshed and able to face whatever life throws your way.

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Victory Cry Excerpt

In moments like this, Erven always felt like he stood at the top of the world. A short detour on his patrol had turned into a longer one, and now he sat with his back to the rocks, overlooking a valley that lay before him in autumn hues of gold, rust, and evergreen. The stream…

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Sound of Summer Excerpt

Trading Day had come in a flurry of carts and left in a swirl of satisfaction. With coffers and pantries full, the Yarrow Leaf tribe had settled once more into that most pleasant of seasons—summer. Or, as Heather liked to think of it, Bee Tree season. On this particular dreamy summer day, she and Clover…

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Raven the Explorer: Episode Five

September 29, 1852 My Dearest Jack, We tracked the Whatever Bird and Were-Rabbit into the jungles for a day. I carried the Maltese Poodle in her backpack the entire way, save when she had to be let out to do dog business. The way was most rugged. I believe the two animals have chosen difficult…

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Raven the Explorer: Episode Four

September 27, 1852 My Dearest Jack, Success at last! I have finally caught a glimpse, yes, a glimpse, of not one but BOTH the Whatever Bird and the Were-Rabbit. Somewhat embarrassingly, the glimpse came right as they raided our latest cunning trap. I was not too pleased with anyone on the expedition, Bernie especially. It…

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