Tales of Sea & Skies Art

I’ve had the honor of being able to work with some amazing artists to make Tales of Sea & Skies come to life! Enjoy perusing, and make sure to check out the rest of their work!

From top left:

‘Nightmares and Comfort’ by Merdikai (@merdikai)

‘Aspen and Star’ by Paige Coffer (@paigecoffer)

‘Like a Legend Returned’ by Liz Potent (@liz.potent)

‘Star Among Roses’ by Annamarie Dunne (@done_dunne)

‘Chaos Trio’ by Paige Coffer (@paigecoffer)

‘Lady Starshine’ by Heidi Wadsworth (@artist.miko.ka)

‘Constructive Mayhem’ by Lauren Fulter (@laurendfulter_author)

Star of Hope map by Annamarie Dunne
Fires of Freedom map by Annamarie Dunne

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