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Star of Hope

The daughters of the forest are healers, storytellers, and caretakers—warriors by another name. When the world they knew is shaken, it’ll take all of Violet’s loyalty, Willow’s cunning, and Heather and Clover’s innovation to reunite a hopeless country—and see Rose take the crown that she was born to wear.

Raised in secret, sixteen-year-old Rose is unaware of her royal birthright until her family’s old enemies come hunting. When confronted with the truth—and a desperate people without a leader—will she back down or will she dare to see who she might become?

Scattered across forest, mountains, and seas, Rose and the girls she grew up with embark on their own journeys to gather forces and reunite with each other. Alliances are forged in blood and each of their limits are tested, as the lifelong friends become embroiled in a conflict much bigger than any of them ever imagined.

They’ve fought for each other all their lives, but the world is rapidly changing around them. When the smoke clears, there won’t be any going back—and how will it have changed them?

Fires of Freedom

Winning the crown was never easy. Holding onto it will prove almost impossible.

Rose has ascended the throne that is hers by birthright. As she enters the second year of her reign, she must grapple with the knowledge that not everyone in Illyn supports her rule; and a few have grown bold enough to challenge her. When her strongest ally is taken by her enemies, Rose must decide which she will listen to more— her heart, or her head?

Erven has lived by and suffered for his loyalty many times over. With the lives of everyone he loves at stake, he faces a choice out of his worst nightmare— betray his queen and family, or see the country he almost died defending crumble into war?

With Illyn held in the unrelenting grip of winter, each of them will have to make their choice—and there’s no guarantee they’ll come out unscathed.

Sound of Summer

The sound of bees. The sound of summer.

In this short story prequel to Star of Hope, Heather and Clover make flower crowns, pick raspberries, and take a shortcut to mushrooms—All in the name of a surprise for a friend. 

Victory Cry

Fight hard. Strike fast. Remind them the mountains have teeth.

Less than three months after the conclusion of Star of Hope, the Shona commander Erven struggles to cope with the losses of victory—even as harvest time brings new challenges.

There are plenty of people who will hate you in this life… Don’t add the weight of your own hatred to theirs.

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